With us, these services are included in EVERY Package:


  • Meetings and consultations with your DJ can be setup at no charge. 
  • We don't charge for setup/take down time. 
  • Pro LED Dance Lighting for your dance floor! 
  • Excellent state-of-the-art sound quality.  
  • We only play the radio versions of our songs!  
  • We will definitely have songs that you choose for your Special Dances. 
  • We go out of our way to tell anyone involved, when one of your special dances is coming up… this means: you, your spouse, your father, your mother... even your photographer… will know it’s about to happen, BEFORE we announce it.
  • We work closely with the photographer, catering staff, wedding planner, and banquet hall staff to make sure things run smoothly. 
  • Your DJ will also be your MC. We don’t pre-record announcements and we don’t charge extra for them. Announcements are always spoken live with a clear voice and always included with your package 
  • We also take requests; that means we don’t just play a set playlist that we can’t deviate from. Hey- if you wanted to just play music, you’d bring a boom box! We'll provide you with what you actually want-- a professional DJ who can read the crowd, mix on the fly and keep your guests happy and on the dance floor!


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